9/30/23 – You can still access the program below. 

As our shared 30 Days of Meditation journey draws to a close, I find myself reflecting not on the end, but on the beginnings we’ve ignited. Each day, as we turned inwards, we uncovered new layers of self-awareness, resilience, and tranquility. But remember, this is only the commencement of a lifelong exploration.

Need More Support? I’ve got you covered! Dive deeper with my Personalized Meditation Mentoring program. Tailored to your unique journey, this one-on-one mentorship is more than just about learning to meditate; it’s about crafting a sustainable, transformative practice that’s intrinsically yours.

Furthermore, I’m thrilled to announce the upcoming 4-Week Meditation Class, kick-starting on Thursday, October 5th. Whether you’re a beginner, returning after a hiatus, or simply curious to explore more, this class, alongside our passionate and knowledgeable teachers, promises a nurturing space of growth and discovery.

Our dedication to meditation extends beyond these 30 days. At both our online and Madison studios, we offer a diverse range of meditation and yoga classes. Stay connected, stay inspired.

Lastly, for those moments when you seek guidance on your own time, venture over to my public YouTube channel for an array of guided meditations. Crave a more extensive collection? My on-demand meditation library boasts hundreds of immersive videos, with fresh content added weekly.

As we conclude this chapter, remember: Meditation is not just a practice; it’s a journey. Every breath, every moment of stillness, every reflection, is a step forward on this path. I am deeply grateful to have walked these initial steps with you and am excited for all the miles we’ve yet to cover together.

Keep breathing, keep growing, and keep being present.

With profound gratitude and warmth,
Deb Phelps

30 Days of Meditation for September 2023

Are you poised to dive deep into a journey of self-discovery, inner tranquility, and profound universal connection? With immense enthusiasm, I introduce to you, “A Tapestry of Techniques: Embarking on a Diverse Meditative Odyssey in 30 Days” – a meticulously woven ensemble of diverse meditation methods designed to immerse you in the vast world of contemplative practices.

Unveiling my FREE program: “A Tapestry of Techniques” – Delving into Diverse Meditation Styles for Enhanced Inner Clarity and Harmony.

Over these 30 enlightening days, you’ll unearth various meditation techniques, infusing them into the daily rhythms of your life. Every morning, a thoughtfully crafted email will await you, spotlighting a distinctive meditation style, bolstered by daily tips to kickstart or enhance your meditation practice. These insights aim to keep your enthusiasm aflame and fortify your connection with the practice.

The meditative tapestry you’ll weave includes loving-kindness, self-compassion, mindful communication, emotional intelligence, among numerous other transformative techniques. Whether you’re a curious novice or a seasoned meditation enthusiast, this odyssey provides an unparalleled opportunity to diversify and deepen your meditative repertoire.

To set the right tone for this journey, you’ll receive a complimentary download of the “Opening the Door to Peace” Meditation upon signing up.

Embrace this unique opportunity to immerse in a vast spectrum of meditation styles. Join me in “A Tapestry of Techniques” and let’s, together, weave a vibrant mosaic of mindfulness, serenity, and understanding. Register now, and let’s reshape your world, one diverse meditation at a time.

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Throughout the month of September, you’ll explore various meditation techniques, practice tips, and learn to incorporate these practices into your daily routine. Each day during the program, you will receive a brief email featuring a new meditation, along with an inspiring post to help you stay motivated and connected to your practice.

Don’t miss this chance to experience the life-changing benefits of meditation! Join me now for the 30 Days of Meditation Program, and together, let’s cultivate a more balanced, and fulfilling life. Sign up today and get ready to transform your world, one meditative moment at a time.


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