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Classes and Events

In the virtual studio, I share varied classes and events consisting of mindfulness and meditation techniques, sound baths, deep relaxation practices, mindfulness group coaching, handheld labyrinth “walks”, and special events.

Be sure to peruse this website to see everything that I offer.

Studio memberships are available that include Online (and Madison) classes, on-demand library and some include monthly private sessions so you can receive that personal attention.

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You are Welcome Here

Group online classes are held throughout the week.
I offer soothing sound baths and singing bowls meditations presented with a wide variety instruments. 
You will also find mindfulness and meditation classes, deep relaxation, handheld labyrinth walks, and workshops.
My schedule is open for private sessions for sound healing, meditation instruction,
and mindfulness coaching during the week.

Studio Memberships

Peaceful Wellness Memberships help you to commit to support your wellness with classes in meditation, sound baths, mindfulness coaching and instruction, mindful movement, and aromatherapy. This can include monthly private sessions which can be your choice of any modalities that I offer. With a membership, you save money on what you would pay individually for classes and private sessions.

“Amazing, the sound meditation is so relaxing and calming. I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried this session. “

“I needed this so much… thank you for making this so relaxing and special.”

“I really enjoyed restorative with Deb! It was my first class in a LONG time. It was relaxing and I left feeling rejuvenated in mind and body and spirit. I will definitely be joining for many more classes. “

“A great variety of sounds and vibrations – really enjoyed it!”

“Deb always meets us where we are for our practice. It’s a kindness and support that’s wonderful to experience. Thank you!”

“Deb incorporated breathing with a body scan, it was powerful and profoundly helpful. I relaxed pretty quickly, much to my surprise and I desperately needed it, thank you!”

“Deb has ability to listen and help one discover his/her truth. Allows one to freely express emotions and guides one to peace and wholeness. A wonderful gentle guide. “

“Deb is a very compassionate and thoughtful teacher. Highly recommend!!”

Our Online Classes


See below in the player of examples of some of the classes I teach. See the schedule for all listings of classes.
Recordings of all online classes are available in the On-Demand Library.

Introduction to Meditation
Introduction to Meditation
Sound Bath & Intro Talk
Sound Bath & Intro Talk
Guided Rest Meditation
Guided Rest Meditation
Insight Meditation Class
Insight Meditation Class
Raise Your Vibration
Raise Your Vibration
Loving-Kindness Body Scan
Loving-Kindness Body Scan

Can't Make it to a Live Class?

Try the On-Demand Library with hundreds of Meditations, Sound Baths, Classes available. Only $9 a month.

New to Meditation?

We are delighted to guide you on your meditation path. Here are 6 tips to get started.

Private Sound Healing Sessions

Yes! Sound Healing sessions can be done online!
The holistic modality of Integral Sound Energy Healing and Wellness is like experiencing a full body sound “massage.” It uses techniques based on sound vibrations and music to bring the body, mind, emotions, and spirit back into balance. It is from this place of harmony that healing takes place. 

Learn more about private sound healing sessions and private sessions in mindfulness, meditation, coaching, movement/yoga or other modalities I offer.



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