Peaceful Wellness Madison Studio

Located on Madison's Northside

with Deb Phelps, Founder

Home of
Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga,
Reiki and Wellness Coaching

Located at 2114 N. Sherman Avenue, Suite 6-8
Lower Level of DuWayne’s Salon and Massage East

The Peaceful Wellness Madison Studio operates as a cooperative space, uniting instructors, students from diverse backgrounds, and a spectrum of practices. Here, teachers set their own fees, while your support matters – nurturing your well-being while empowering theirs. Fees range from free to donation-based (pay what you can) or fee-based, adjusting to different class offerings. Stand by our teachers as you nurture your own well-being.

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An intimate studio

As the founder, Deb is dedicated to creating a sanctuary where individuals can fully immerse themselves in embodied practices such as meditation, mindfulness coaching, sound healing, wellness, and restorative yoga practices. Our mission is to provide a safe and accessible space where clients can explore these practices, allowing them to cultivate a profound sense of peace, acceptance, and overall well-being, and providing a much-needed respite from stress and anxiety as they navigate life’s journey.


Deb Phelps, Founder

Deb teaches both for the Madison Studio and for the Online Studio. See the full class schedule and upcoming Deb’s classes.

Private Sessions with Deb are available for sound healing, mindfulness coaching, meditation instruction and deep relaxation practices. Learn more about Deb.


Kirsten Severeid

Reiki Sessions with Kirsten are available to help you balance, harmonize and be healthy. Learn more about Kirsten.


Mourning Dove Wochos

Self Love Inner Journeys are available to help you access and nurture your Self. Learn more about Mourning Dove.
See her classes on the schedule.


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Sound Baths in Madison, Wisconsin
Plus Other Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki & Wellness Events

Public group classes are available mostly on the weekend. Some classes may occur during the week. 
Private Individual Sessions are also available for sound healing, mindfulness coaching,
 meditation instruction, and deep restorative practices. Also Reiki and Self Love Inner Journeys.

Learn more about the special Harmonic Healing sessions
Studio memberships for Deb’s sound baths and classes are available 

Enter into the quiet of a candlelit, cozy and intimate space that offers support and respite from the outside world.
Through our offerings, we aim to foster a calm and peaceful mind, an open and compassionate heart,
and a deep sense of self-acceptance, empowering individuals to thrive on their path to personal growth and fulfillment.
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“Amazing, the sound meditation is so relaxing and calming. I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried this session. “

“I needed this so much… thank you for making this so relaxing and special.”

“I really enjoyed restorative with Deb! It was my first class in a LONG time. It was relaxing and I left feeling rejuvenated in mind and body and spirit. I will definitely be joining for many more classes. “

“A great variety of sounds and vibrations – really enjoyed it!”

“Deb always meets us where we are for our practice. It’s a kindness and support that’s wonderful to experience. Thank you!”

“Deb incorporated breathing with a body scan, it was powerful and profoundly helpful. I relaxed pretty quickly, much to my surprise and I desperately needed it, thank you!”

“Deb has the ability to listen and help one discover his/her truth. Allows one to freely express emotions and guides one to peace and wholeness. A wonderful gentle guide. “

“Deb is a very compassionate and thoughtful teacher. Highly recommend!!”

Weekly Classes at Madison Studio

We are in the Lower Level of DuWayne’s Salon building. Please note that there are a flight of stairs to reach the Lower Level.

All bodies, identities, and abilities welcomed and valued. If you have accessibility needs, accommodation requests, or anything else that will help us to make you feel more comfortable, text us at 608-216-2805 or email

September Weekly & Biweekly Classes

Be sure to “Book Your Spot” in advance for these classes.
Note: Our Sunday Meditation Circle is now our Sound Healing Rest class.

Self Love Yoga with Mourning Dove
1st and 3rd Saturdays at 10 am

Begin the weekend in a magical environment to surrender within, recalibrate, and restore. Experience the gentlest of vinyasa flows infused with self love and optional hands-on Reiki. We’ll end with an extended Savasana with mini sound bath. Allow yourself to be the priority.♡

All bodies, identities, and abilities welcomed and valued. Please send accessibility needs, accommodation requests, or anything else that will help me make you feel more comfortable to right after you register.

Sound Healing Rest with Deb
Time moving to 10:30 am Weekly.

These sessions help to bring relaxation to your mind and body and de-stress from your busy life. This session is a guided rest meditation (yoga nidra) lying down on a mat with sound healing added at the midpoint to soothe and bring additional calm. 
Note: 9/24: Transitioning from Summer to Autumn Sound Healing Rest at 10:30 am

Wednesday Wellness Sound Bath
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Wednesday Wellness: Immerse yourself in a 30-minute healing sound bath for a midweek revitalization. Let the soothing sounds and meditation guide you into deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension. Tune in to a tranquil space of inner peace and rejuvenation. Join us for a session of pure sonic bliss!

SPECIAL SESSION ON 9/20 for Summer to Autumn.

Be sure to register at least 2 hours advance of class start.

September Special Events

Be sure to “Book Your Spot” in advance for these events.

Saturday, September 23rd
Autumn Equinox Sound Bath with Deb
3:00 pm (75 min) SOLD OUT see option for Sunday morning the 24th

As we prepare for the first day of Autumn, we become mindful. The Equinox is about balance, not just of light and dark, but in all aspects of our lives. This marks the beginning of the contemplative time of year.

Release stress and anxiety and welcome peace with this sound bath with a variety of instruments. Let the sound vibrations soothe your being.

Aromatherapy gift to each attendee.

Thursday, September 28th 
Full Moon Sacred Circle with Mourning Dove 7:00 pm (60 min) 

With the power of sacred circle and catalystic lunar energies, slow down and reflect, create inner shifts, and reconnect with YOU.

Includes guided reflection, optional sharing, gentle movement, introspection, self love, inner connection, and ritual

We will end with an intentional relaxation with optional hands-on Reiki to recalibrate and restore.

Saturday, September 30th 
Gong Bath with Deb
3:00 pm (70 min) 

Gongs and deeper sounding singing bowls and other instruments. Enjoy the journey of sound where you are completely bathed in the healing vibrations.

October Special Events

Stay Tuned! Be sure to “Book Your Spot” in advance for these events.

Sunday, October 15th
Rest, Reiki & Sound with Deb and Kirsten
1:00 pm (90 min) 

This is a 90-minute session of powerful healing and beautiful relaxation. You will be lying on a mat with various props available to assist your comfort level.

We will provide suggested restorative yoga poses if you are interested in using them. Either way, be prepared to fully embrace relaxation, while enjoying the rest, Reiki, and sound healing.

October 21st – 22nd
Sound & Energy Healing
Clinic Weekend

Sample sessions of Reiki, Chakra Sound Healing and Mini Bliss Sessions

Sessions for $20- 20 minutes

Appointments only for this weekend. Be sure to book ASAP.



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Enter into the quiet of a candlelit intimate space that offers support and respite from the outside world. You are encouraged to restore and renew yourself with our modalities.

Deb's Studio Memberships

Peaceful Wellness Memberships with Deb help you to commit to support your wellness with classes in meditation, sound baths, mindfulness coaching and instruction, mindful movement, and aromatherapy. This can include monthly private sessions which can be your choice of any modalities that I offer. 

Private Sound Healing Wellness Sessions

The holistic modality of Integral Sound Energy Healing and Wellness is like experiencing a full body sound “massage.” It uses techniques based on sound vibrations and music to bring the body, mind, emotions, and spirit back into balance. It is from this place of harmony that healing takes place.